Studio Policies


  • At Pura Vida, we aim to create a peaceful and motivating Pilates and fitness space.
    Please be mindful that participants are working hard to focus, so enter and exit like a ninja (shh…) while sessions and classes are in progress.
  • We request that everyone keep conversations to a minimum during class time. Please understand that people are trying to concentrate and work their butts off! Chatting can be very distracting to both instructors and participants.
  • Wearing scented products, including fragrances is discouraged, as these products may cause adverse health effects in a closed-circulation room where people are exercising.
  • We really can be separated from our cell phones for just an hour of the day. Really, we can! Anyone entering our studio is requested to put their phones on silent – no audible alerts, please.
  • And let’s always keep things positive! Please check any negativity at the door so that we may always keep things positively peaceful!
  • Thank you in advance for your understanding.



  • Remember that most of us are barefoot and often have our bodies on the floor in this space.
  • Please remove your outside shoes before entering the exercise area.
  • If sneakers are required for class, please bring a clean pair to change into.
  • It is recommended that you wear fitted, secure, comfortable workout attire with no buckles or zippers that could damage equipment.
  • Wear supportive clothing as necessary.



  • We love that our boutique studio is far cleaner than any gym you have ever set foot in, and we want to keep it that way!
  • Please clean your mat and props after every use and put them away.
  • Please remember to remove your outside shoes before entering the exercise area.
  • We provide cubbies and coat racks for personal belongings, which should be stored neatly.
  • We appreciate your help in keeping our studio looking spiffy!



  • Group classes may be booked through MindBody up to four weeks in advance.
  • You may register through MindBody up to one hour before the class starts. Please contact the instructor for last-minute registration to ensure availability.
  • All classes have a four hour cancellation policy.
  • No-shows will be charged for the class.
  • We often have a waitlist, so please be courteous and let us know if you can’t make it to class.
  • If you have an unlimited monthly package:
    • There is a $10 drop-in fee for more than one class taken per day.
    • There will be a $10 ‘no-show’ charge for cancellations without four hours notice.
  • If fewer than two people are signed up for a class, we reserve the right to cancel with one-two hours’ notice. We will always contact participants if this happens.



  • We accept cash, checks, and Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX. There is a $50 fee for bad/returned checks.
  • Payment is expected at or before time of service.



  • All of our packages have a 6 month expiration (12 month for 40 class-pack).
    We like to see our students regularly! Sorry, no refunds.
    We are happy to make special arrangements for our seasonal friends.



  • If Old Saybrook Public Schools are closed and the roads are dangerous, then yes we will be closed. If we must close due to snow, we will always contact anyone signed up for a session or class that day. You can always check our Facebook page or call/text us to make sure. Safety first!


If you love being here, please tell everyone you know – AND WE MEAN EVERYONE! AND…please give us some FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, YELP, and MINDBODY love with your ratings and reviews. It truly means the world to us! If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or complaints, PLEASE LET US KNOW so we can make it right! Please remember, this studio is a labor of love. We always strive to make you feel strong and beautiful (because we know you are) both inside and out. Thank you so much for being a member of our community! PEACE . LOVE . PURA VIDA