Lisa Connelly


Lisa brings together the principles of classical Pilates with the modern advances of exercise science. Her background in both Psychology and education give her a unique ability to connect with people and meet their individual needs.

Lisa has worked with every age group — from teens to seniors, those with osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, back, neck, shoulder and knee conditions, artificial hips and knees, and discs, and clients recovering from cancer treatment.

Her caring and encouraging teaching style, keen eye for movement, and attention to detail help her clients improve their body awareness, strength, posture, and alignment. She enjoys creating unique exercise modifications to promote greater ease of movement and healthy biomechanics.

Lisa is dedicated to personalizing exercise programs to help clients of all levels and capabilities reach their full potential in the studio, and more importantly, to carry those skills into their everyday lives. She is a firm believer in continuing education and continually strives to improve her skills as a practitioner and teacher through more advanced certifications and training.

Please call or text to schedule an appointment: 203.676.6413

Lisa’s Personal Pilates Story