Ellen Henderson


Ellen is a Peak Certified Instructor and is trained to teach Pilates in its classic form on the full range of classical equipment. After many years as an avid runner, she sought a complementary exercise that would stretch, strengthen and prevent her reoccurring injuries to her knees and ankles. Ellen quickly found that Pilates was the answer. After two years as a student, Ellen decided to elevate her own practice by immersing herself in the study of Pilates and becoming an instructor.  Once certified, Ellen decided to share her passion for this remarkable exercise system that has corrected her own alignment and strengthened all the major and supportive muscles that allow her to continue to run and cycle injury-free. Through her patience, ability to listen, and her eagerness to share her depth of knowledge, Ellen creates an environment where students feel both supported and challenged at the same time.  Ellen excels at catering to all levels of student, providing modifications for beginners as well as advancement options for the more experienced.  Ellen holds the belief that Pilates is for everyone, from the deconditioned individual to the elite athlete.

Please call or text to schedule an appointment: 860.961.9643