Benefits of Pilates

The focus in Pilates is on strengthening and lengthening muscles, producing strong, lean, overall muscle tone without bulk. Because of this, flexibility, balance, and joint mobility are also greatly improved, leading to better quality of life.
The even conditioning of your entire body means all muscles are strengthened. This helps reduce the effects of prior injuries and prevents new injuries from occurring. Everyday activities and your favorite recreational sports are more enjoyable. You will also improve sports performance. Pilates is the perfect complement to any other physical activity, as it helps with body awareness and improving form.
Pilates exercises can be adapted to meet your particular fitness needs. Seniors find that strength and flexibility improve their overall quality of life. Athletes use Pilates to improve balance, speed, and agility. Pilates leaves you with increased energy level, a clear, focused mindset, and a body that feels strong and in control having been through a challenging workout.